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Brouwerij De Konick

Brouwerij De Koninck

When Dogdad and I are on a trip without Dogmom, we often end up here, for a beer on the terrace. Or two, or maybe more.

A beer here, isn’t just a beer. It’s a “Bolleke”. Honestly, You can not visit Antwerp without a “Bolleke”.

To honour a ‘Bolleke’, I wrote a poem:

“Bolleke, bolleke, bolleke so round,

Hear this tribute by an Antwerp hound.

Round and intense, softness and strength,

A velvety shine, like that coat of mine.

Sadly I’m not allowed to drink any beer, but just pour another one for my Dogdad here.”



 De Koninck

 De Koninck

 De Koninck