Netherlands Bagels

Netherlands Bagels


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“I’m told that I sometimes look like a bagel when I sleep. Is it because I’m dreaming of bagels?


If you want to try the real thing then you definitely need to visit @netherlandsbagels in The Hague! The menu includes several types of bagels & toppings (also vegan!), with an original bagel special served every weekend.

The founder, Karen is originally from New York, so you know these have to be good! And you know what? My human, also half American (NYC ) , confirms it!! She said it’s been years since she had a bagel this delicious!!

While I didn’t get to try the bagel (humans wouldn’t share) I was spoiled with a treato & attention from the super-friendly staff.  So next time I dream about bagels, it will be these!!”


This place is absolutely dog friendly!

Netherlands Bagels