‘t Hijgend Hert

't Hijgend Hert


In the middle of the Vijlenerbossen, you will find Boscafé ‘t Hijgend Hert’.

You have a beautiful panoramic view from the sunny terraces of this unique car-free location. You can enjoy the peace and the forest sounds. Buzzards regularly circle the sky and at dusk you can sometimes see a hawk.

Inside the very atmospheric room, the natural stone fireplace burns in cold and rainy weather. There you can enjoy a cup of coffee with flan, a tasty specialty beer and a delicious meal or lunch in a perfect ambiance.

Various special soups, stews, regional dishes and delicious meals are prepared fresh and traditionally every day. –

And dogs are more than welcome! After a beautiful walk in the woods, they can enjoy this beautiful establishment with their owners!

‘t Hijgend Hert

  ‘t Hijgend Hert

Suggested by Teun en Roosje