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Mama’s Shelter

Mama's Shelter

We spent the night at hotel “Mama’s Shelter”. Because “Mama loves you”, the website promised.

This hotel is indescribable! Extravagant, super friendly, delicious food – including an amazing breakfast buffet.

In the room I even found my own food and drink bowl. So “Mama loves dogs” too!
The evening sun hadn’t given up yet, and on the hotel’s rooftop bar, the surrounding buildings glittered in the golden hour light, while the other guests sipped cocktails on the sunbeds, or had fun on the petanque court (yes, on the sixth floor!).

The hotel is located in Kirchberg, a more modern neighborhood to the European Quarter. Modern architecture, car-free pieces and the beautiful Philharmonie building are definitely worth a look.



 Mama’s Shelter